Bartu OZEL

Full Stack Software Developer


Full Stack Software Developer ~ Kajabi

  • We developed Communities web and mobile app
    • React, React Native, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Lambda

Full Stack Software Developer ~ Eteration

  • We developed various applications across mobile, web and cloud.
    • Tikla Gelsin
      • React (MUI, Gatsby), React Native, NestJS (GraphQL, MongoDB)
    • ReportBack
      • React, React Native, NestJS, Java, GO, Firebase
    • Semosis
      • React (Next.js), React Native (Expo), NestJS, Firebase
    • Garanti Trader
      • React Native

Mobile Software Developer ~ KoƧ Digital

  • I developed a mobile app for mointoring smart buildings
    • React Native

Full Stack Software Developer ~ andMe

  • We developed a mobile app and web extension to help people with their online shopping needs.
    • React, Flutter, React Native, Go, Python, Firebase

Lead Software Developer ~ RabbiT

  • We developed courier application for transportation of small to medium sized items.
    • React, React Native, PHP (laravel, PostgreSQL), Firebase

Full Stack Software Developer ~ FitThink

  • We developed a mobile and web application that connects clients with dietitians.
    • React, Flutter, Java (springboot, PostgreSQL), Firebase

Full Stack Software Developer ~ Office701

  • We developed mobile and web applications for clients.
    • React, Vue, Flutter, React Native, NestJS, Node.js (express.js), Firebase

Full Stack Software Developer ~ Hot-Pet

  • We developed mobile application for pets to find their partners.
    • React, Flutter, Java (springboot, MongoDB), Firebase

Full Stack Software Developer ~ Parta Networks

  • We developed kiosk web app to analyze network activity.
    • Vue, Go

Embedded System Developer ~ Noderix

  • We developed web panel and node for low-power wide-area network systems.
    • Arduino, Java, Angular


Izmir Institute of Technology ~ Izmir, Turkey

B.Eng. in Computer Engineering ~ 2019 - present

Awards and Honors

Third Prize, Energy Efficient, Environment and Live Friendly Robot Competition ~ 2018


Programming Languages: JavaScript / TypeScript, HTML / CSS, Dart, Go, Java

Tools and Frameworks: React, React Native, Flutter, NestJS, Firebase

Languages: Turkish (native), English (proficient)